Online, products with accompanying videos have 30% higher conversion rates than products without. Source

Kinghorn Visual, Inc. helps small- to medium-sized companies create compelling visual identities through a unique blend of video, motion graphics and photography. Simply, we help you show what makes your company, service or product unique or remarkable. Here are some examples of how KV, Inc. can help you.

▪ Visual press releases or educational videos that generate quality leads
▪ Video testimonials that captivate and move
▪ Presentations and training programs reflecting your company’s personal brand
▪ Motion graphics that enliven static videos and presentations

▪ Comprehensive photo and/or video archives so your work is easy to find and in a media-ready format, every time
▪ Prepare your photos, videos and graphics to meet technical specifications for print or the Web
▪ Build visual brand consistency across media outlets to ensure all media, from business cards to your blog, send a consistent message

Drop us a line to let us know what challenges you face and we’ll get back to you within two business days.