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Near Field Communication: Part 2 — 5 Uses for NFC

In yesterday’s post, we introduced you to Near Field Communications (NFC) and discussed the state of NFC today. In this post, we’ll highlight five ways that NFC can be used to make products marketing more engaging, help lost souls find their way at a supermarket and share photos from a memorable birthday party.

To re-state what I covered in yesterday’s blogpost, the above examples could be accomplished today using custom URL’s, QR codes or Snap Tags. What NFC does is remove the obstacles that using URL’s, QR codes and Snap Tags present, so people can access mobile content faster and more easily.

1) Product Stories: Imagine walking through the Origins store, tapping your phone on the display of the new Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins collection and watching a video highlighting the anti-aging ingredients found in the collection, narrated by Dr. Weil, on the benefits of each product in the line. A mobile-specific Web site could serve to help you find the right products for you based on your skin type, age and scent preferences.

2) Virtual Business Card/Brochure: One night after dinner at a restaurant you walk past a funky new paper boutique. You’re disappointed they’ve closed for the evening. Fortunately, they have an NFC terminal out front and you swipe your phone to view a mobile version of their Web site with the option to download special discount offers and join their Facebook fan page.

3) Navigation Aid/Product Finder: At the grocery store, I can’t for the life of me remember where they keep the olives. Is it with the canned beans and veggies or with the salad dressing? Swiping your phone over one of several NFC-enabled terminals throughout the store would allow you search for green pimentos to find out exactly where they are without having to wander the aisles ever searching for that elusive condiment.

4) Event Photos or Video: Over the recent holiday our family decided to take all the young kids to burn off energy at Monkey Joe’s, a warehouse of inflatable bouncing, jumping and sliding entertainment for youngsters. In the back, a young boy was sitting in a giant inflatable throne celebrating his birthday. A few parents were attempting to snap photos with their smartphones as kids wriggled with excitement and too much orange soda. What if, as part of the birthday party package, Monkey Joe’s hired a photographer to snap photos of the party and the playtime out in the main area. Then, when the parents came to pick up their kids, they could swipe their phone over the NFC terminal on the way out the door and download photos from the event. With a couple of quick taps, they could select their favorite photos of their son or daughter and post them to Facebook: great memories for the parents and kids and great promotion for Monkey Joes!

5) News/Magazine teasers: If you take public transportation on a regular basis (light rail, commuter train, subway), you begin noticing the ways in which commuters like to pass the time. Some rock out to music and others read a book, while many read the newspaper or magazine to stay current on the world’s events. What if, on top of all the newspaper racks or magazine promos, NFC terminals allowed commuters to swipe their phones to download a video digest of the day’s top stories. Of course, the digest would include links to the main Web site and an offer to subscribe to the digital edition. Commuters could be caught up on the day’s news before the train reached the first stop.

As support for NFC grows and companies develop creative ways of using the new technology, we’ll be sure to share them on this blog and on Jay and Jessica’s Twitter feeds.

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